What We Do

We are conveniently located in the heart of Houston, where we can respond to your IT emergencies in no time. We are a small business ourselves, and we know exactly the IT needs of a small business and we know well the budget constraints involved.

Unlike large corporations and Enterprise who can afford to have their own IT advisers/techs, small businesses in most cases do not know where to go to seek help and end up wasting lot of time and effort trying to figure out what best fit their needs and mostly end up buying equipment from local stores that is meant for Home users which can affect their productivity and can expose them to security vulnerabilities and possible loss of data.

We do offer a comprehensive solution to small business where you will ONLY need to contact one entity for all your needs. Whether you are an architect office looking for advice on what Workstations can handle your Autocad or Photoshop Programs or looking for ways to protect your data, we have the solution for you.


As a local small business, it is our goal to help small to medium-size business (SMBs) owners find cost-efficient solutions to all of their technology needs. Whether you want someone to evaluate your current network and hardware, to create a plan for network design and implementation, or just need consultation on what servers to use, Computers of Houston team is here to help you. We know how challenging it can be for SMBs to find the right help in determining the best and most cost-efficient way to take care of their Information technology needs without sacrificing the quality and security of their networks.

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Ashraf Obeid